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Year 6

We have three Year 6 classes

Mrs Edwards Miss Paterson Mrs Rogers
6E Class 6P Class 6R Class

Topic Summer 1 - ID

Who do you think you are?

During this half term, we’re going to find out what makes us the people we are. We’ll meet a mysterious man and consider what traits and features give us our identity. Thinking about what makes us unique, we’ll write stories in which we have a new identity. We’ll learn about branching databases and how to create a classification system. Then, we’ll gather data about physical features, make spreadsheets and look for patterns. We’ll take part in physical activities that challenge us and measure the outcomes. While comparing photographs of ourselves with those of our relatives, we’ll decide if we share any features. We’ll create adverts and write a tribute to a friend. After investigating fingerprints and genetic characteristics, we’ll create 3-D models and design clothing that reflects our personality.

At the end of the project, we’ll think about factors that influence our personalities and bring in objects that mean a lot to us. We’ll perform shape poetry about our identities and reflect on our strengths.

Help your child prepare for their project
This project will make us think about our identities, personalities and how we are unique. Why not interview a member of your family to find out about their strengths, likes and dislikes? You could also work together to make a collage of clothing that reflects who you are. Alternatively, use technology to create a word cloud all about you.

Suggested text

Bill's New Frock – Anne Fine

Memorable experience Meet John Doe
Innovate challenge Forensic crime scene
English Descriptions and narratives; Non-chronological reports; Adverts; Facts, opinions and tributes; Calligrams
Science Classification; Families and inheritance; Working scientifically
A&D Portraiture and figurines
Computing Software; Photo stories; E-safety
D&T Tools and equipment; Design; Fashion and clothing
Geography Community
History Social reformers
Music Appraising; Listening to voices
PSHE Identity, personal views and opinions; My place; Recognising strengths
PE Physical challenges
Science investigations How does inheritance work? Why are things classified?

Topic Summer 2 - Hola Mexico!

Bienvenido a Mexico! We’re going to explore this unique country, from its towering temples to its fun-packed festivals.

During this half term, we’ll watch a traditional Mexican performance and join in with percussion instruments. To cool down afterwards, we’ll have a refreshing drink of sangrita or limeade. We’ll use non-fiction books to find out about the importance of music in Mexican culture and have a go at folk dancing. Using our literacy skills, we’ll write about festivals and create an invitation to a Mexican food tasting session. In preparation, we’ll make delicious drinks and savoury dishes. We’ll learn about the ‘Day of the Dead’ and create 3-D skulls. With the Chihuahuan Desert as our imagined location, we’ll write postcards and clear instructions for a game. We’ll read Maya myths and legends, and write our own. Using maps, we’ll locate Mexico and explore its natural features. We’ll discover what daily life is like and how it has changed over time. Then we’ll craft Maya chocolate and simple woodwind instruments from recycled materials. Who can make the highest, loudest and longest sounds?

At the end of the project, we’ll listen to Maya music and learn a traditional song. We’ll also perform Mexican music from the past and present.

Help your child prepare for their project
Mexico is a fascinating land full of music and celebration. Why not work together and use non-fiction books or online research to find out about the impressive landmarks of Mexico? You could also look at holiday brochures or websites to plan an imaginary trip to Mexico. Alternatively, you could sample Mexican food in a restaurant or at home.

Suggested text

Holes – Louis Sachar

Memorable experience Mexican musical performance
Innovate challenge Festival procession
English Invitations; Postcards; Instructions; Myths and legends; Poetry
Music Mexican music; Musical notation
A&D Sculpture; Maya art; Carving
Computing Online research; Presentations
D&T Food of Mexico; Evaluating and making instruments
Geography Maps; Human and physical geography of Mexico
History Ancient Maya civilisation
PE Dance
Science Light and shadows
Science investigations How can we make red? What colour is a shadow?