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Year 3

We have two Year 3 classes

Mr Rogers Mrs Rudge
3R Class 3RU Class

Topic Summer 1 - Urban Pioneers

Hop on the bus and take a trip downtown, where the lights are bright, and every street has a story to tell.

This half term, we’ll visit our local town to look at important buildings. We’ll photograph urban art including graffiti, murals and statues. At school, we’ll write an information leaflet about our town. Using digital mapping tools, we’ll identify the streets and buildings that we saw. We’ll investigate cities around the world and find out how they’ve changed over time. We’ll have questions for you about where you work or places you often visit, and we’ll present the data we have collected. As part of our design work, we’ll build a model urban landscape, create dramatic light effects and find out how light is used to keep people safe at night.

At the end of the ILP, we’ll create a sign for our town, thinking about imaginative wording and appealing colours. We’ll invite you to an installation featuring our signs, discuss where they’ll be displayed and why.

Help your child prepare for their project
Take a trip to the city! Why not photograph interesting buildings and make a scrapbook? You could also research urban artists and add your favourite images to your scrapbook. Alternatively, you could visit a churchyard to go gargoyle spotting! Take photographs and try to recreate them at home using modelling materials.

Memorable experience Bus trip to town
Innovate challenge Make public art
English Leaflets; Free verse poetry; Autobiographies; Email; Signs and slogans
A&D Photography; Graffiti art; Observational drawing
Computing Digital maps; Programming; Audio recording; Online research
Geography Fieldwork
History Local history study
PSHE Being safe; Presenting opinions
Science Light and dark; Sources and reflectors; Shadows; Sun safety; Working scientifically
Science investigations Why do cat's eyes glow at night? Why do shadows change? What are sunglasses for?

Topic Summer 2 - Gods and Mortals

Let’s discover a fantastical world of mythical creatures and heroes!

This half term, we’ll learn about Apollo and the other gods who reign from Mount Olympus and create a 3-D head of our favourite god or goddess. We’ll explore the land of Greece, where the sun scorches the wings of Icarus and Helen of Troy inspires the launch of a thousand ships. In PE, we’ll take part in athletics and practise synchronised battle movements just like the ancient Greeks. Using historical source materials, we’ll research daily life in ancient Greece. We’ll write diaries as Daedalus or Icarus and learn about epic battles. In D&T, we’ll design wings, just like Daedalus, and make Trojan horses. We’ll read Theseus and the Minotaur and create amazing labyrinths, using positional language to guide others around the maze. On maps of Greece, we’ll plot the journeys made by ancient Greek characters.

At the end of the ILP, we’ll create our own gods and look forward to presenting these to you on a special manuscript.

Help your child prepare for their project
Greece is a fascinating country that has a long and colourful history. Why not sample some delicious Greek food such as baklava or tzatziki? You could also research ancient Greek pots and sketch the intricate images painted on them. Alternatively, have fun taking part in a back garden Olympics, seeing who can run the fastest or throw a ball the furthest!

Memorable experience Meet Zeus
Innovate challenge Pandora's box
English Character profiles; Diaries; Instructions; Myths and legends; Character descriptions
History Ancient Greece
A&D 3-D sculpture; Greek art and design
Computing Using presentation software
D&T Moving parts; Making models
Geography Ancient and modern day Greece; Geographical features; Using maps
PE Athletics; Battle formation; Dance
PSHE Resolving differences
Science investigations Why did Icarus fall from the sky?


Year 3 have their own website.  Take a look by clicking here to see what to expect in Year 3.