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Year 1/2

We have two combined Year 1 & Year 2 classes

Mrs. Dove Mrs Fletcher Miss Khokher
1/2DF Class 1/2DF Class 1/2K Class

Topic Autumn 1 - Muck, Mess and Mixtures

We’re warning you; this is going to get messy!

This half term, we’ll have a messy morning to investigate mixtures, from paint and toothpaste to jelly and shaving foam. We’ll enjoy the story of George’s Marvellous Medicine and write recipes, leaflets, lists and stories of our own. We’ll use our science skills to explore everyday materials, investigate soap products and understand why mixtures freeze and melt. We’ll learn how to measure using scales, measuring jugs and cylinders accurately. We’ll taste a wide variety of foods, learn about healthy eating and follow recipes to make some yummy treats including pizza and ice cream! Our artwork will also rely on our mixing skills. We’ll use marbling inks to make unusual patterns, create food landscapes inspired by Carl Warner, paint with ice cubes, model clay into exciting shapes and use a variety of materials to make mixed media collages.

At the end of our project, we’ll turn our classroom into a gallery and invite you to view our exhibition. We’ll arrange images from the project into a PowerPoint presentation and demonstrate our messy science investigations. We’ll also design and create our very own mud kitchen to play in. Yuck!

Help your child prepare for their project
Muck and mixtures can be messy and magical! Why not make a variety of fun recipes to reveal how mixtures can come together and change? Trifle, gooey cookies and bread would all be good to try. You could also invent a new soft drink. Mix, shake and stir a range of fruit juices, cordials and sparkling water together and taste each one. Pick the best and give it a groovy name. Alternatively, try making different bubble mixtures to see which make the biggest bubbles!

Suggested text

The Magic Porridge Pot – Rosie Dickins; The Day the Crayons Quit – Drew Daywalt; The Pencil – Allan Ahlberg

Memorable experience Messy mixtures morning
Innovate challenge Messy art exhibition
English Labels, lists and captions; Recipes; Poetry; Narratives; Leaflets
A&D Printing; Food landscapes; Mixed media pictures and collages; Colour mixing; Using clay
Computing Stop motion animation; Photography; Presentations
D&T Food tasting; Origins of food; Healthy meals; Following recipes; Designing an outdoor kitchen
PSHE Medicines and household products; Safety
Science Everyday materials; Working scientifically
Science investigations Which stuff is stickier? How is mud made? What shape is a bubble?

Topic Autumn 2 - Splendid Skies

Let’s put on our coats, pop up our brollies and investigate the weather.

This half term, we’ll take a walk outdoors to find out about different types of weather and to look for signs of the seasons. We’ll study TV weather reports, make weather symbols and learn about the life and work of Sir Francis Beaufort. Creative opportunities will allow us to explore weather in works of art, make season trees and create seasonal music! We’ll compose weather poems and write postcards describing the weather in different places. Our thinking skills will come in handy when we experiment with thermometers, investigate the effects of the Sun and compare weather around the world.

When we are weather experts, we will share our knowledge with you. We will record and broadcast weather reports, perform weather songs and music and describe our ideal holiday destinations.

Help your child prepare for their project
Weather is wonderful! Why not go for a walk and observe the weather? Take photographs and make notes of interesting observations. Alternatively, study a weather app together to see how symbols are used to show the weather over the coming days. You could also fly a kite in the park on different days to find out which conditions are best for kite flying!

Suggested text

Lila and the Secret of Rain – David Conway; Chicken Licken – Vera Southgate

Memorable experience Nature's treasures walk
Innovate challenge Weather station
English Recounts; Poetry; Lists and instructions; Postcards; Non-chronological reports
Science Seasonal changes
A&D Collage; Painting
Geography Seasonal and daily weather patterns
History Significant individuals – Sir Francis Beaufort
Music Weather sounds and songs
PE Dance
Science investigations How big is a raindrop? How wild is the wind? Does it snow in summer?