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Both attendance and punctuality are the legal responsibility of the parent. 

At William Read Primary Academy we support the DFES Guidance on attendance that ‘Parents should ensure that their children arrive at school on time, properly attired and in a condition to learn’.

Mrs. Mash is our School Attendance Officer. You can contact Mrs. Mash at the Front Office.


Children should attend school on 190 days (380 sessions). The children are registered twice a day. Any pupil arriving after registration (8.45am) is marked as ‘Late’. Children who arrive later than 9.30am, and who have not previously agreed this, will be marked with an unauthorised mark.

Parents must contact the school office by 8.30am to inform the school of a child’s absence. The office telephone number is 01268 683053. Absences must be supported by medical evidence whenever possible. Absences of three days or more will be unauthorised unless supported by medical evidence. If we do not receive a phone call we will attempt to contact you ourselves. We do this for safety to make sure you are aware that your child is not in school. 

Parents must advise, in writing if their child is going to be absent for any other reason, for example for a medical appointment. This may take the form of the appointment letter or card.

We have a more efficient and secure system for reporting your child’s absence due to illness, called Studybugs. This is how we would like you to report your child’s absence.

Please get the free Studybugs app, or register on the Studybugs website, and use it to tell us whenever your child’s ill and unable to attend school.

We set targets for attendance and we are also required to report your child’s absence record to you. We do not authorise any holidays during term time. If pupils are taken on holiday during term time you may be liable for a penalty notice.

Session Times

Reception / Year 1 (Class R1M)
Morning session 8.30am - 11.30am
Afternoon session 12.20pm - 3.15pm
Year 1 / Year 2 (Class 12G)
Morning session 8.30am - 11.45am
Afternoon session 12.35pm - 3.15pm
Year 2 (Class 2R)
Morning session 8.30am - 11.55am
Afternoon session 12.45pm - 3.15pm
Year 3
Morning session 8.30am - 12.05pm
Afternoon session 12.55pm - 3.15pm
Year 4
Morning session 8.30am - 12.15pm
Afternoon session 1.05pm - 3.15pm
Year 5
Morning session 8.30am - 12.25pm
Afternoon session 1.15pm - 3.15pm
Year 6
Morning session 8.30am - 12.30pm
Afternoon session 1.20pm - 3.15pm

For safety reasons, the Craven Avenue gate will not be open until 8.30am when the playground has a member of staff on duty. Please help your child to arrive on time so that they have the best start to the school day. Those arriving late need to report to the main office.

Term Time Holidays

Holidays cannot be granted as authorised leave unless there are exceptional circumstances. A form entitled ‘Application for Leave of Absence’ must be completed and supported by a letter stating the reason for term time absence. If a child is absent for 5 days or more an application will be made to the local authority for the issue of a Penalty Notice.

Term dates are available.